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Multi - Generational Family Office

This entrepreneurial family created a leading company in their industry and wanted to create a legacy and structure to protect and grow their families wealth while instilling important values. They also felt like the current backdrop was dangerous and wanted advice outside of a traditional stock and bond portfolio

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Professional Adviser Team

We helped evaluate their current roster of advisers, choosing to keep some and replacingothers. While their estate planner was a key partner, their accounting firm had gone throughseveral structural changes and we found a new firm.

Consolidated Family Office Structure & Reporting

We worked with them to establish a central family holding company providing services to various entities and providing tax and management benefits.Providing consolidated reporting across all family holdings including the tracking of private investments and cashflows, with access to reports available on our private client portal 24/7.

Financial Data Aggregation

Serving as the middle man for tracking and collecting tax statements (1099s, K-1s) for all family investments and distributing them directly to the family’s accountant.

Family Financial Education

Serving as a third-party answering questions from children or grandchildren and providing family members with a resource for the kids’ financial education beyond their parent or sibling.

Trustee Support

Clarifying the administrative and investment responsibilities of the family member trustee and ensuring he has support in fulfilling his fiduciary duties.

Family Meeting Facilitation

Partnering with the family patriarch and second-generation parents to plan annual family meetings that promote family bonds and teach specific skills to the grandchildren including family history, goal-setting and delayed gratification, personal finance and beneficiary responsibilities.

Family Property Transfer

Helping them establish a partnership for ownership and future transfer of the family’s vacation property including the creation of governance terms that meet the needs of all family members.

Insurance Review

Providing an objective and comprehensive review of the family’s insurance policies to determine total coverage and advocating for their needs with brokers.

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