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Client situation


Having entered retirement, this couple was in search of a trusted advisor to navigate this new phase of their lives


Their goals included investing their funds thoughtfully and in a tax-efficient manner while generating sufficient income to cover their projected living expenses and travel plans.

As they entered their new phase of life, they were concerned about their purchasing power in the face of inflation concerns due to governments overspending and central banks printing money.  They were seeking advice outside of a traditional stock and bond portfolio to protect against these risks.

Our Guidance

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Professional Adviser Team

We assembled a tailored team of advisers, carefully chosen to cater to their specific needs. This expert team consisted of an estate attorney, CPA, and insurance provider. By coordinating seamless communication among these professionals, we ensured the efficient and successful organization of every crucial detail.

Consolidated Reporting

We provide online reporting systems allowing consolidated reporting across all holdings including the tracking of private investments and cash flows, with access to reports available on our private client portal 24/7.

Financial Data Aggregation

Acting as the middle-manager, we efficiently tracked and collected tax statements (1099s, K-1s) for all family investments and directly distributed them to the family’s accountant. This streamlined process not only saved valuable time but also resulted in cost savings for the family.

Access to Deal Flow

Our connection to the family office space allowed us to bring unique private investments to the family in areas including direct deals in private credit, venture capital and real estate.

Expertise in Hard Assets

Leveraging our expertise in hard assets, we facilitated the secure storage of physical gold and silver in top-tier vaults comparable to Brinks in locations such as the US, Zurich, and Singapore. By choosing storage options outside the conventional banking system, we ensured the utmost security and protection for these valuable assets.


To optimize borrowing opportunities, we established a connection with a reliable mortgage provider and proactively refinanced their debts, safeguarding against future interest rate increases.

Estate Planning

We collaborated closely with their estate planner to establish living trusts and powers of attorney for property and healthcare. Additionally, we devised a well-structured annual gifting plan for their children and initiated the setup of UTMAs and 529 plans to cater to their grandchildren’s future college needs. 

Tax Minimization

To optimize tax efficiency, we strategically arranged the most tax-inefficient assets within their tax-deferred accounts, while allocating more favorable long-term capital gains assets to taxable trusts.

Family Education

We serve as a resource for their children to help educate and provide resources for learning.

Our Economic Views

We are economic thought leaders following the free-market oriented Austrian economics, whereas most advisors follow Keynsian Economics and tout the merits of money printing and government intervention. Global central banks have printed tens of trillions of dollars out of thin air as global debts exploded. Yet most advisory firms act like this is just another “normal” investment environment and allocate capital the way they’ve always done so. In our opinion, this is not a normal environment and requires an acute understanding that the pillars of the world are now built on a mirage of bubbles with serious consequences for growing and protecting wealth.

In an attempt to offset continued economic weakness, governments are reacting with spending, debt issuance, and intervention in the economy on a scale without precedent in modern history. Although these policies may buy time, they cannot solve the underlying issues. Ultimately, governments will repay debt with their last remaining option – printing more money. As money floods the system, this will drive inflation higher despite continued weakness in the economy.

Under these circumstances, the current conventional model of a static bond and stock mix will fail. It will fail investors in realizing reasonable returns. It will fail investors in preserving their purchasing power after inflation. And it will fail investors in protecting their capital and securing their retirement.

The conventional experts do not foresee such risks. But these same experts missed the prior 2000 tech bubble and 2008 housing and stock bubble.  Today they are missing the bubble in government debt and the ramifications of unbridled money creation. WindRock understands these issues and positions clients to not only minimize their risk associated with these dangers, but to profit from them.