What services does WindRock provide?

WindRock is a registered investment advisor (RIA) and wealth management firm that offers a broad array of investment management services.  Our investment management services are available at minimums starting at $500,000.  For clients with wealth of $10 million or more, we offer a holistic investment approach under our family office solutions. We coordinate their investment strategy with their team of advisors including their tax accountant, estate planning attorney and other professionals.

Who are WindRock’s clients?

We work with a select group of high net worth individuals, retirement plans, family offices, foundations and other institutions.  Our clients are located throughout the United States.

How do you describe your investment philosophy?

Our investment philosophy is rooted in the belief that an effective process needs to combine the best elements of a Macroeconomic “Big Picture” with an Entrepreneurial-Minded Research Process to uncover unique investment opportunities for the environment ahead.  Our philosophy has been shaped by our experiences in the industry and two key insights:

  • The mainstream industry is largely incapable of identifying the macroeconomic “big picture” and looming financial bubbles, resulting in devastating losses for their clients as these bubbles burst.
  • The best results are achieved by thinking differently and straying from the mainstream advice which is still driven by a Wall Street sales culture.

What is the process for building client portfolios?

Today, investors are overwhelmed by too many investment views and offerings to consider.  WindRock serves to filter all of these top-down macroeconomic views with bottom-up investment choices to bring clients our top recommendations.  We work with each client to determine a strategy that fits their risk tolerance and objectives.  Assets are allocated amongst three major categories:  Hard Assets, Financial Assets (Global Equities and Bonds, including Tactical Strategies) and Unique Private Opportunities. Unique Private Opportunities are offered through our strategic alliance with Iridius Capital as through other private investment firms and family offices.  For taxable clients, we ensure that client portfolios are built with tax-minimization in mind and are constructed in synergy with their broader financial plan.

How do you identify and adapt to changing market environments?

In addition to considering our clients’ risk profiles, objectives, tax situations, etc., our investment allocations are based on expectations about future economic and market conditions.  Using economic theory, we determine expectations of economic growth and inflation over the next six to 24 months.  This economic forecast, combined with our assessment of stock and bond market conditions, allow us to position clients ahead of pronounced market moves.  In addition, our adherence to strict rebalancing targets allows WindRock clients the opportunity to realize gains while minimizing risk.

What economic school of thought drives WindRock’s views?

We believe in a free-market economic philosophy popularized by the Austrian school.  In short, we do not believe in the Keynesian philosophy that government, through significant regulation, spending, and the printing of money, can steer economies towards prosperity while minimizing economic downturns.

What does WindRock view as the main risks ahead for investors?

We believe there are two key challenges ahead for investors.  First, finding satisfactory returns in a return-starved world.  As recently as 2007, an investor with $10 million could park that money in cash and earn a 5% return or $500,000.  Based on 2020 interest rate levels, they would earn approximately $80,000.  This collapse in interest rates has profound implications for returns going forward.

Second, and most importantly, the gross overspending and unbridled money creation create a real risk of inflation ahead.  We think every investor needs a plan to protect the purchasing power of their wealth from the coming inflation.

We fear that most investors with a static mix of stocks and bonds will see their portfolio worth significantly less in the years ahead, diminished by the ravaging effects of inflation.

What are the credentials of the team at WindRock?

At WindRock, we believe strongly is thought-leadership and continuing education.  Several of our key designations include CFA, MBA, CPA, and CAIA.  In addition, as business owners, we share an enterprising view of economics and investing.  The combination of these skills gives us an edge in the uncertain world ahead.

CFA®:  Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder
The CFA Program is a globally recognized, graduate level curriculum that provides a strong foundation of real-world investment analysis and portfolio management skills.  It also emphasizes the highest ethical and professional standards.

MBA:  Masters in Business Administration
A Masters in Business Administration is an advanced graduate degree covering multiple aspects of business management.

CPA:  Certified Public Accountant
A Certified Public Accountant certification is obtained through extensive education, experience and an examination. Individuals seeking to qualify as a Certified Public Accountant must undergo extensive study and the passing the Uniform CPA Examination.

CAIA®:  Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Charterholder
The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst charter is a designation providing deeper knowledge in the area of “alternative investment strategies” outside of the conventional stock and bond arena.  These strategies may include hard assets (including real estate), private equity, hedge funds, and tactical trading strategies among others.

How do you ensure the safety and custody of investments?

WindRock takes the security of client assets very seriously.  WindRock does not take possession or custody of any client assets.  For a typical client, most of their investable assets will be held in the safe-keeping of a third-party custodian, such as Charles Schwab’s Institutional Division.  Some private investments will be held directly in limited partnership vehicles.  Other assets such as precious metals may be held in non-bank vaults around the world, but in the name of the client.

What resources does WindRock bring clients outside of investing?

We offer many preferred relationships with outside third-party firms ranging from lending institutions (e.g. mortgages, bill payment services; secured lending against an illiquid private business interests etc.) to connections to leading attorneys and accountants.

What Internet-based information or reporting capabilities do you offer?

WindRock has invested heavily in technology solutions to provide clients with cutting edge reporting and portfolio tracking tools.  Online reporting offers daily updated values, performance tracking and asset allocation reports, all in real time.  We cater to clients who value real time data to access their portfolio positions in this fast changing world.

Why should investors consider WindRock?

WindRock is not for all investors.  However, investors looking for trusted guidance, insight, and opportunity in today’s uncertain world are a perfect fit.  We offer thoughtful analysis backed by decades of experience serving as a trusted guide for investors through the investment landscape. Our unique insight of the risks posed by governmental interference in the economy serves to protect our clients’ wealth.  As entrepreneurial-minded advisors, we emphasize independent and creative thought to boldly seize opportunities while minimizing key risks.  

What does the name “WindRock” mean?

WindRock signifies a Rock of stability in a Windy and uncertain world.  The imagery for WindRock is taken at Haystack Rock on the Pacific coastline outside of Portland, Oregon.

How do I learn more?

For additional information, to sign up for our periodic research and analysis, or to speak with a member of the WindRock team, please contact us at: (312) 650-9822 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively, fill out our contact form at: http://windrockwealth.com/contact-us