Partner-centric culture

Our Strategic Partners

Charles Schwab Corporation

Financial Services Company

Charles Schwab is our primary custodian under their Institutional Division. It is the 7th largest banking institution in the United States with over US$8.5 trillion in client assets (Feb. 2023 from Google Finance). WindRock has always appreciated Schwab’s responsiveness and technology edge in the marketplace.

Iridius Capital

Premier Real estate investments

Iridius Capital is a real estate company that partners with industry leaders to acquire and develop best-in-class real estate assets.

Singularity Capital

Venture Capital Firm

Founded in 2016, Singularity Capital is a venture platform that partners with companies that are leveraging unique competitive advantages to solve problems better, faster, and more strategically than their competition.


financial planner

Envestnet Tamarac provides a leading - edge investment tracking and reporting system. Their dynamic capabilities and elegant reports focus in on what matters most to our clients. They al so support the online portal, available 24/7 to clients with capabilities to track multiple entities and family members

Jaggi Family Office

financial services

The Jaggi Family Office (JFO) is a strategic partner and was formed with the assistance of WindRock. JFO provides access to a number of direct investment opportunities in real estate, venture capital and private credit. They also have a network of other like-minded family offices and firms that provide investment opportunities. Brett Rentmeester serves at the Chief Investment Officer of the Jaggi Family Office and, as such, has developed relationships with industry leading families and entrepreneurs who are invaluable resources for industry information or direct investment opportunities.

SpringTide Partners

financial consultant

SpringTide provides independent investment solutions for family offices, advisors and institutions. Rigorous, independent investment services, including outsourced CIO, alternative investment consulting, and targeted proprietary research and analysis.

Our Economic Views

We are economic thought leaders following the free-market oriented Austrian economics, whereas most advisors follow Keynsian Economics and tout the merits of money printing and government intervention. Global central banks have printed tens of trillions of dollars out of thin air as global debts exploded. Yet most advisory firms act like this is just another “normal” investment environment and allocate capital the way they’ve always done so. In our opinion, this is not a normal environment and requires an acute understanding that the pillars of the world are now built on a mirage of bubbles with serious consequences for growing and protecting wealth.

In an attempt to offset continued economic weakness, governments are reacting with spending, debt issuance, and intervention in the economy on a scale without precedent in modern history. Although these policies may buy time, they cannot solve the underlying issues. Ultimately, governments will repay debt with their last remaining option – printing more money. As money floods the system, this will drive inflation higher despite continued weakness in the economy.

Under these circumstances, the current conventional model of a static bond and stock mix will fail. It will fail investors in realizing reasonable returns. It will fail investors in preserving their purchasing power after inflation. And it will fail investors in protecting their capital and securing their retirement.

The conventional experts do not foresee such risks. But these same experts missed the prior 2000 tech bubble and 2008 housing and stock bubble.  Today they are missing the bubble in government debt and the ramifications of unbridled money creation. WindRock understands these issues and positions clients to not only minimize their risk associated with these dangers, but to profit from them.