Uranium: Time to Invest?

In today’s markets, across all asset classes (stocks, bonds, etc.), and across all geographic areas, it is difficult to find value.  Everything appears high relative to historical valuations.

In contrast, the price of uranium is at a 12-year low due to the aftershocks of Fukushima, the rise of the U.S. dollar, and competition from low-cost fossil fuels (e.g., coal and natural gas).  But there are reasons to think uranium will soon see a significant price increase.

WindRock interviews Amir Adnani, CEO and founder of Uranium Energy Corp. about these reasons, which include: diminishing supply as the price of uranium has dropped well below the costs of production; declining hostility to American nuclear energy production with the new administration; and skyrocketing demand from power plants under construction, planned, or proposed.  December 2016.