Why Hong Kong Matters: an Interview with Eric Margolis

Since March of this year, Hong Kong has experienced massive and widespread protests – at one point, an estimated two million citizens marched in the streets (which is over a quarter of the population).  Largely due to its continuing nature, the protests have been underreported by mainstream media despite their potentially dramatic worldwide impact.

WindRock interviews Eric Margolis, award-winning syndicated columnist and war correspondent.  Mr. Margolis discusses:

  • Why the protests are likely to continue;
  • How Chinese leadership will likely react;
  • What the repercussions will be for Sino-American relations, specifically:
    • Trade negotiations
    • North Korean containment
    • Territorial disputes
    • Overall general security; and
  • Why the protests are a real threat to China’s economy and the worldwide banking system.


December, 2019