End the Fed: an Interview with Dr. Ron Paul

Most mainstream financial pundits view the Federal Reserve as a bastion of economic wisdom and stalwart protector against inflation, recessions, and economic turmoil.  Dr. Paul disagrees. 

His unique perspective on the Federal Reserve was developed from his tenure on the House Financial Services Committee and his long-term adherence to the Austrian school of economics.  Rather than viewing the Federal Reserve as the solution, he sees it as the cause of many economic problems.

Dr. Paul discusses:

  • Which Federal Reserve chairpersons have been the best – and worst;
  • Why he sponsored bill HR 1207 to audit the Federal Reserve (and what he expected to find);
  • How closely central banks coordinate financial and monetary actions;
  • Why Chairman Powell drastically changed monetary policy over the last 18 months; and
  • What America’s best, most realistic hope is for exiting our debt burden and avoiding economic calamity.

February, 2020