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Whether it is the Empire State Building with the Great Depression, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa building with the 2008 Great Recession, or the Shanghai Tower and this summer’s stock market meltdown in China, the construction of the tallest skyscraper uncannily coincides with major financial and economic downturns.

WindRock interviews Dr. Mark Thornton, Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute, about this phenomenon known as the Skyscraper Index.  Dr. Thornton discusses: why the Skyscraper Index has coincided with financial crises and economic recessions; what the underlying causality is between the construction of skyscrapers and financial downturns; when the Skyscraper Index has been wrong, and why; and what the Skyscraper Index tells us today in light of Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Tower which, upon completion, will be the tallest skyscraper in the world.  November 2015.

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Two Great Threats to Your Investment Portfolio

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Christopher Casey of WindRock Wealth Management was recently interviewed by Gordon T. Long of the Financial Repression Authority.  Their conversation addressed the following topics to better prepare investors for future recessions and inflation: what really causes recessions; why the mainstream financial community’s misplaced understanding of inflation will blindside them in the next inflationary period; why, despite the massive increase in the money supply since 2008, the economy has not yet experienced significant inflation; and how investors can better protect their portfolios from recessions and inflation.  October 2015.

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A Recession is Coming in 2016

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

WindRock interviews Bud Conrad, Chief Economist of Casey Research, on his prediction that the U.S. will soon enter a recession.  Mr. Conrad discusses: how the next global recession could exceed the downturn in 2008; why the next recession will again force the Federal Reserve to respond by printing money; which investments investors should contemplate to protect against a recession and the ensuing inflation due to an acceleration in money printing; and what risks are associated with the U.S. dollar eventually losing its unique status as the world's reserve currency.  September 2015.

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GDP: Where's the Beef?

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Monday, 02 June 2014

June 2, 2014
It’s official.  The US economy contracted in the first quarter with GDP recently revised to -2.1%.  Like the old Wendy’s ad, we are wondering “Where’s the Beef” of economic growth? 

The Federal Reserve has continued to promise growth just over the horizon on the false belief that record low interest rates and quantitative easing can bring the economy back to health.  In fact, at Ben Bernanke’s final meeting as Federal Reserve chairman in February, the Committee was optimistic about the recovery, stating that they “expect that, with appropriate policy accommodation, economic activity will expand at a moderate pace and the unemployment rate will gradually decline.”

Dissecting the 1st quarter numbers, GDP declined by approximately $350 billion.  Even the $195 billion of quantitative easing during the first quarter couldn’t boost the economy (not that we thought it would)!  We believe we are getting closer to a point where papering-over a broken system will be harder to disguise for policy makers.

Following our view of recession first and inflation later, bond yields have hit new lows on the year, with the 10-year treasury now at 2.4%.  However, stock markets remain dangerously complacent.  We foresee the potential for another wave down in equity markets that will lay the foundation for new rounds of money printing around the world.  Hunker down now, but be fearful of inflation in the years ahead as printing money is increasingly an act of desperation.

Source:  Bureau of Economic Analysis

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The Bernanke Legacy

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Tuesday, 04 February 2014
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