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Building Portfolios

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The construction of investment portfolios follows our investment philosophy, which is rooted in the belief that an effective process needs to combine the best elements of a Macroeconomic “Big Picture” with an Entrepreneurial-Minded Research Process to uncover unique investment opportunities for the environment ahead.  Our philosophy has been shaped by our experiences in the industry and two key insights:

  • The mainstream industry is largely incapable of identifying the macroeconomic “big picture” and looming financial bubbles, resulting in devastating losses for their clients as these bubbles burst.
  • The best results are achieved by thinking differently and straying from the mainstream advice which is still driven by a Wall Street sales culture.

Today, investors are overwhelmed by too many investment views and offerings to consider.  WindRock serves to filter all of these top-down macroeconomic views with bottom-up investment choices to bring clients our top recommendations.


Outside Experts

Top-Down Macroeconomic Views:

We filter expert big picture views into actionable decisions.

WindRock Views

Resulting Portfolio


Bottom-Up Investment Opportunities:

We uncover unique investment opportunities to fit the macroeconomic environment.

Opportunities with
Strategic Partners
Outside Research



Other Services

Our clients benefit from access to services offered through our network of third-party outside providers which may include lending arrangements (mortgages and secured lending), family office services (e.g. bill-paying, concierge services), and connections to leading tax accountants, estate attorneys, and insurance providers, etc.


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Outside Experts

In our world of data overload, there are too many conflicting investment views and opinions for investors to process.  Therefore, it is critical to identify a select group of trusted voices and to filter their views into a manageable process.  We have identified a group of leading independent forecasters that have consistently gotten the big picture macroeconomic calls right regarding the direction of the economy and stock market.  They sounded warning signals well in advance of prior bursting financial bubbles, while most in the industry stood silent.  We aggregate these expert views, looking for similarities and seeking to understand differences of opinion.

WindRock Views

In addition to the views of these experts, we utilize our own insights and experience to identify opportunities and risks in the environment ahead.  We seek to identify the macroeconomic path of highest probability while remaining aware of varying outcomes.

WindRock Research

The final filter in selecting specific investment managers and opportunities resides with WindRock.  We utilize the best research from outside firms and strategic partners and combine it with our internal research to deliver unique investment opportunities to clients.  This entrepreneurial-minded process of gathering the best ideas from a host of trusted sources delivers a superior array of choices for our clients.

Opportunities with Strategic Partners

We also share ideas with a private network of trusted investment professionals and family offices that we have developed over our careers.  This network broadens our access to investment opportunities and gives us valuable feedback in our analysis.  Further, we have a strategic alliance with Iridius Capital to provide unique private investment opportunities to clients in the areas of real estate, cross-border international investments and specialty financial services.

Outside Research

There is a dizzying array of investment choices for investors today: the selection of the investment manager, the various types of investment vehicles such as mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), separately managed accounts and limited partnerships (LPs), and tax considerations.   To efficiently filter the universe of investment choices, we partner with a group of third-party outside research providers and utilize their research recommendations as a starting point for our own analysis and evaluation.