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Macroeconomic “Big Picture”

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We believe that the “writing is often on the wall” as to the macroeconomic direction ahead.  Today, unprecedented government debt and money printing are fuelling what may be the greatest financial bubble of our lifetimes.  Despite giving lip service to these issues, the mainstream industry remains largely blind to them and did little to protect their clients from the devastating aftermath of prior bubbles in technology, housing and the stock market.  We have asked ourselves, how can an industry full of so many well-educated economists consistently miss what are now deemed to be obvious investment bubbles? We believe this is due to several Permanent Problems In The Industry.    

Despite this, there are a select group of leading independent forecasters that have correctly foreseen the big picture and consistently sounded the warning bell well in advance of these bubble bursting.  We utilize research from these handpicked experts to shape our own views.  By identifying the prevailing macroeconomic trends, we position client portfolios for the environment ahead.  It is this ability to position for the big picture that led many of America’s richest families to dramatically increase wealth in the midst of the Great Depression.

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