A History of Gold

Almost no debate, short of religion and politics, will solicit as strong of views as the topic of gold.

Scenarios for Owning Gold

Gold serves a unique role in investment portfolios, not only as insurance against extreme events, but as a timeless store of value in a world of multiplying paper currency.

The Long and Short of It

Combined with an extremely uncertain and potentially deteriorating economic situation, current equity valuations suggest this stock market is one of the most overvalued – and therefore potentially dangerous – in history.

Bitcoin is Only the Beginning: The Future of Cryptocurrencies

A bitcoin investment of $10,000 in early 2013 would be worth nearly $2 million today. Why have cryptocurrencies risen so much in value?  It is because they represent more than an evolution in money, for their underlying blockchain technology is a force as potentially powerful and disruptive as the Internet. The Financial Repression Authority interviewed […]

20 Minutes with Doug Casey

Few investment experts have the unique background, opinions, and uncanny timing possessed by Doug Casey.

End the Fed: an Interview with Dr. Ron Paul

Most mainstream financial pundits view the Federal Reserve as a bastion of economic wisdom and a stalwart protector against inflation, recessions, and economic turmoil. Dr. Paul disagrees.